Hi, I am Aswin G.


python Python
golang Golang
javascript JavaScript
react React
c plus plus C++
django Django


project screenshot
Realtime Traffic Control System A system to automate control of signals at busy junctions. The system calculates green light and red light duration on the basis of vehicle density patterns for each lane separately using OpenCV and Python.
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Zulip Mobile Worked with the mobile team of Zulip during Google Summer of Code 2018. Returned as a mentor for 2019.
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MEC Books Watch A textbook exchange platform for college students using React, Firebase and Go.
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OpenSalve Disaster management and coordination app, inspired by the lack of such a coordination facility during the Kerala floods of mid-2018. Android app with Django backend.
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SnapDiet Innovative persistent calorie tracker. React Native app, uses Firebase for storage.


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